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Medals obtained in Concours Mondial de BRUXELLES CHILE 2016


This year the competition moved to Los Andes, in the Aconcagua Valley.

In total there were 240 wines from 30 producing areas that have competed against a selection of Chilean wine tasters and of the entire world. Sommeliers, journalists, writers of the world of wine, buyers, winemakers and academics met for 3 days to evaluate the samples presented. This diversity of both the wines and the profiles of the tasters is the original feature of this contest. That has been positioned in the Last 10 years as a true championship, (the most competitive of the wine tasting), when awarding only on the 92.25 points.

Vineyards Puertas obtained the following distinctions.

  • PARNASO Icon Wine Carmenére 2010 / Gold Medal
  • MATAPENQUERO 5 Premium Wine / Gold Medal
  • MURMULLO Especial Reserve Syrah + Petit Verdot 2011 / Gold Medal

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