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About the Winery

Viñedos Puertas winery is located on the El Milagro estate in Convento Viejo, Curicó, in Chile’s region VII. The more than 25-million-liter capacity is equipped with the most recent technology available. Here, our experienced staff processes the grapes, which are transported in 400kg containers and/or 10kg crates, either to stainless-steel tanks or to a table for visual inspection to check that the fruit are healthy.

The fermentation takes places inside temperature-controlled stainless-steel barrels as well as epoxy concrete tanks with temperature-regulating plates. The cooling and heating capacities of the building’s climate-control system are 2,000,000fg/hour (8,000,000BTU/h) and 1,000kcal/h, respectively, which allows us to consistently produce high-quality wines.

Storage cellar

According to their final destination, the wines are stored at controlled temperatures in epoxy cement and/or stainless steel tanks. Reserve wines are kept in barrels made from french oak for a period determined by the oenologist.

Bottle storage

The wines are bottled following a schedule based on type and variety. These bottles are then stored in an acclimatized cellar, where they await their final shipment. The shipments are sent to such countries as: Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Slovenia, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Wine tasting cellar
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