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China opens its market to Viñedos Puertas with two double gold, one gold, and two silver medals.


The CHINA WINE & SPIRIT AWARD (CWSA) is the largest and most prestigious wine competition in the world. It takes place in Hong Kong, and many of the possibilities of entering such a competitive market as the Chinese, among others, depend on its results.

Three thousand three hundred and seventy five wine producers from 35 countries, a record number for the organizers of the event, participated in the 2014 version of the CWSA. This time the jury was made up by exclusive and influential distributors, importers, hoteliers, and sommeliers who, by means of blind tastings during one week, evaluated the best suitability of the competitors for the Chinese market, considering the price-quality ratio.

The participation of the most famous brands in the world, such as Penfolds, Robert Mondovi, Astoria, Osborne, and Wolf Blass, among others, revealed that demands for high quality in this exciting market are increasingly growing and the highest standards gain importance, providing a greater merit to Viñedos Puertas which obtained:

  • Double Gold Medal for: PuertaS 2010
  • Double Gold Medal for: Matapenquero N°3
  • Gold Medal for: Caballo Azul 2011
  • Silver Medal for: El Milagro Syrah 2008 and Murmullo 2010

According to Jason Tung, CWSA judge, a wine importer with headquarters in Hong Kong, Chinese clients are increasingly aware of sophisticated wines, and CWSA is the platform to enter the Chinese market. At the same time, Fabio Ruta, co-founder of Fiabe Asociación, Italia Foods and Beverages for Export, said that the CWSA medals add a significant value as they are a guarantee and synonym of quality, making buyers and/or consumers feel safer.

With this significant recognition from the CWSA, Viñedos Puertas consolidates even more in international markets with excellent wines regarding the price-quality ratio, which keep impressing the most demanding palates in the world.

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